It is July right now and for the first time in so many years, we are finally having summer weather in Europe! The sun is out, and we are not all used to it as much as we’d like to, so it is extremely important that we adapt to these sudden changes and make sure we have everything we need to survive this heat wave (that’s been going on for soooo long right now). That is why I am presenting you some summer beauty essentials! Enjoy.

Waterproof Mascara
Of course, it’s finally summer and the sun has finally made an impressive appearance after being away for a few days. And with that arrival and with the intense heat that we now have to endure, it has become essential to adapt to these… changes. As we all have figured out by now, I looooooooove makeup and experimenting with it, though sometimes I do feel a little lazy and don’t bother too much. Those days I usually just quickly put on some mascara, and this heat – like, dammnnnnnnn – calls for a serious waterproof mascara, which for me, is the CLINIQUE Waterproof Mascara. It stays amazing throughout the day and has the perfect consistency if you ask me. Def one to look at if you’re looking for a nice waterproof mascara to keep you satisfied during the summer.

Mist Spray
During these days, when the sun is basically trying to cook us all alive, I still want to look good, so I usually do put some effort into my makeup routine and my skincare. But the downside to wearing makeup in summer is that cooling off gets tougher, ‘cause you need to watch out not to smudge your foundation and contour or anything. That is why I’ve been absolutely loooooooving something called a ‘ hydrating mist spray’. It is basically a water-based spray that you spray onto your face from a small distance, and it cools you off immediately. The one I’ve been using recently was incredibly cheap – it’s Primark, so yeahhhh… – and it works very well. It doesn’t smudge your makeup and feels soooo good when you’re all sweaty. Also: they smell amazing.

Primark hydrating mist
Photo is taken from:

Small suncream
As I’ve said too many times already, the sun is BURNING! And because most people do care about their skin and want to protect it from these dangerous rays of sunshine, we all use suncream, I assume. But suncream always comes in bottles that are large, which is not very relaxed to take with you in a small handbag or a clutch or something… So a small bottle of suncream is something I’ve been reaalllyyyy enjoying lately. Mine is from Douglas, which might not be familiar for some of you. It’s basically a high street makeup/beauty shop: a drugstore in short. You can compare it to Superdrug. It smells really nice as well and was not too expensive, which makes it perfect!
Small sun cream.jpg

Your Summer Scent
Summer welcomes new flavours and new scents, and you once again will have to adapt to that. Most of us have our go-to scent that we use, but I like my summer scent to be a bit fresher and to last better throughout the day ( because sweat… ) and that’s why I have gone hunting for my summer scent, and I have really been enjoying it. It just makes me happier instantly when spraying it on my neck and wrists in the morning, because it makes me feel all summer-y and stuff. The one I’ve been using is a scent from ZARA, which is ‘ White Jasmin’. It smells amazing and just take a look at. that. packaging. Soooooo pretty with the leather and all!
ZARA scent white jasmine 0.1
ZARA scent white jasmine 0.2.jpg

Long-lasting hairspray
Now, I’m going away from the skincare and scents and stuff, because I want to talk about my hair. My hair in the summer is just not what I’d like it to be, so I have already purchased a very funky, hippie-style bandana that I just throw on with a braid or a high bun or a ponytail when it’s just not working (or just with loose hair, your choice!) and a nude coloured cap that I just put on top of my hair (with again a bun or ponytail or just nothing at all) when it’s not working, but sometimes – for a summer party or just when you’re feeling like it – I do like to make my hair look beautiful and curl or style it or something like that. And on those days, it’s essential to have a very good hairspray to make your hair actually stay like that too. I use the Andrelon one, which (once again) might not be familiar to all of you (I’m not sure if this one’s international or not), but it’s a shampoo/conditioner/hair product brand and it’s very nice. I also use hairsprays, hairoils, shampoos and conditioners from them, because it’s incredible quality for a relatively small price.

24h Lasting Foundation
Agaaaaain, back to the makeup and all, it is incredibly important that when I put on foundation, it doesn’t smudge or dry out or do anything weird throughout the day, though I use something else for that which I’ll elaborate on later in this article – SPOILER ALERT – but something else that I find very important, is that the foundation actually stays throughout the day and doesn’t fade, because the worst thing in the world is spending time doing your makeup to then find out that it has all gone with the wind and nobody can actually see your efforts. The 24h Lasting Foundation I use is the Maybelline New York Super Stay 24h.
MAYBELLINE foundation super stay 24h

Your Summer Nail Polish
So, as I’ve said in my rambling about a summer scent, the same goes for nail polish for me. I like to have a standard colour on my nails during every season and my summer colour needs to be happy and needs to match my summer wardrobe, which right now, consists of happy colours and lots and lots and lots. of. nudes. Like, literally: my aesthetic is so different from the black and dark colours I wore this winter. Anyway, that is why I chose my summer nail polish colour to be a nude pink, because matchy-matchy all the way. This nail polish is a simple one from HEMA, which once again not all of you might know. It’s just very nice and simple and cheap.

HEMA nailpolish nude
Photo is taken from

The Perfect Makeup Base
Now, in my little spoiler alert I already said I would elaborate on something that makes my foundation last throughout the day, but also keeps it a nice consistency and makes sure it doesn’t dry out, etc etc. And as many of you might have predicted: I was talking about a makeup base. Makeup bases have been my saviour in so many situations and I have been enjoying many of them. They make your foundation smooth and silky. They work like a primer, if you don’t know what I’m talking about (like, where have ya been?); you just put it on your face like a daycream, after you’ve done your moisturizer and everything, and on top of that you put your foundation. It makes your foundation look hella good and it’s just very nice to have. This one’s from a Dutch store that some of you might not know (again), and it does smell a little bit weird, but it works and feels nice on my skin, so I’ll roll with it. You can find affordable makeup bases everywhere, in Superdrug and Boots and such.

I hope dearly that you are now more than prepared for summer, and I wish you all the best of luck with your beauty problems this summer. If you have any tips or tricks that you think should be talked about or people should know about, leave them down in the comments below, as well as future blog post ideas if you’d like to see a specific type of post! Thanks for reading, all the love, x. ❤


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