VICHY PRODUCT REVIEW- Five VICHY Products Put to the Test

As you might all know, I am a fool for beauty products and I love trying new things and experimenting with new ideas, techniques and products. So, I was more than happy when I received a Silver-Greyish VICHY Bag, filled with testers, for me to try. And, as I tend to write most of my posts in the Lifestyle category, this was the perfect opportunity for me to do something in Beauty again.

This is the reason, why today, I am reviewing these testers for you, so you can try them out too, and maybe find a new potential daily-routine candidate, that you might even start using every single day. 🙂


TEINT IDEAL Illuminating Foundation – Ideal Complexion Revealer (25)


The first one that I tried, was the illuminating foundation by VICHY. My first impression when I put it on my hand was that it was very runny, and it looked a little bit too liquidy to be a good foundation. I also noticed it was a little too dark for my skin, but that’s something I’m used to, as I’m very pale even after holiday.

When I put it on my face, however, it totally made up for the disappointing first impression, because it felt very smooth on my skin and blended perfectly with my under-eye concealer, the concealer on my spots and just generally into my skin. It was very smooth and dried beautifully within a minute.

It also lasted very well throughout the day, which is important to me, because I don’t take my makeup bag with me wherever I go. I basically put it on my face in the morning and pray to God that it stays throughout the day, and it did, so a big thumbs up for that.

Another thing that I really liked was the scent of the foundation. Most foundations smell a little off and have that distinct smell of makeup. This foundation, however, had a lovely scent; very fresh and expensive, like a moisturizing cream.

Last and least, I was also very impressed with the amount that was in the little package, but that doesn’t really say anything about the foundation itself, so…

All in all, the VICHY Foundation was a very nice foundation, that blended well, smelled nice, looked gorgeous and had everything you’d want a foundation to have. It was the definition of high-end makeup products. The runny texture only bothered me in the beginning, but once I put it on it had a very nice, medium to full coverage. I’d give this product a four-star review.



DERCOS TECHNIQUE NEOGENIC Redensifying Shampoo – with Stemoxydine & pro-densifying technology. 

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The second thing that I tested, was the DERCOS TECHNIQUE NEOGENIC Shampoo by VICHY. When I put it on my hand, it was basically a transparent gel, and it looked like a very expensive shampoo.

When I smelled it, there wasn’t really a distinct scent, until it got mixed with water and started to foam when I massaged it into my head and hair. I could describe the scent as very masculine, almost manly. It seemed as if I had taken my boyfriend’s or my father’s shampoo, even though it was meant for girls.

The shampoo foamed very nicely, which I prefer because it just feels really nice and makes me feel cleaner afterwards, for some reason.

The shampoo should thicken your hair, if we can believe the packaging, and it slightly worked, but maybe that was just a coincidence or me being delusional. Of course, I haven’t had the opportunity to see it in the long run because I didn’t have enough for more than five days, but in the five days that I used it, every single morning may I add, I didn’t see much of a difference at all.

I also have to comment on the fact that my hair is a knotted mess in the morning, because I have curls, which requires me to have shampoos with a conditioning aspect as well, and this shampoo didn’t have that at all. It actually made the tangles worse, which made me a little frustrated because I had hoped it would’ve been a little better than it actually was.

All in all, the product had a masculine scent, which I actually quite liked, and had a nice foaming characteristic and texture. However, I didn’t really see any results, and it made my hair even more tangled than it already was. That’s why I’d give this product a two-star rating. 


IDEALIA LIFE SERUM – Skin Idealizer Serum All Skin Types Paraben-Free

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The third thing that I tried was the life serum by VICHY. When I put it on my hand, it was a thick, rich, white cream that you knew was expensive just by looking at it. It wasn’t runny, and it was quite firm, but in a spa-like way.

The scent of the product was very distinct and strong, but not in an annoying or overpowering way. It smelled very luxurious, and once again, expensive, and it made me feel as though I had stolen my mother’s expensive cream, which I used to do about once a month or so when I was younger (don’t tell her please 🙂 ).

When I put it on my face, it was soft and comfortable and when it started to sink into my pores, it didn’t dry out my skin in any way, shape or form. Some creams tend to leave your skin uncomfortable or dried out after fully sinking into your skin, but this one didn’t have that result or effect at all, and it made me feel as if I’d just had a facial, or something similar. 

It also made my skin look very clean and moisturized and hydrated, and that left me wanting more of it. Luckily I did actually have another tube left. It was an amazing cream and you could see the difference in your skin, just by using it once. It is definitely worth the money.

All in all, the product had a very luxurious consistency and the scent was amazing; incredibly delicious. It was rich and you could feel it cleaning out your pores and skin. it hydrated, cleared up, cleaned and did much more than I thought it would. I would rate this product five out of five stars. 


AERATEINT PURE – Cream Foundation Natural Finish 12h (35 Moyen, Sand)

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The fourth thing that I tested was the second foundation that was given to me, and it is the aerateint pure foundation. When I tested it, I expected something similar to the other foundation that I tried, which meant that it’d be rich, luxurious, a little runny, good to blend, etc etc etc. 

And when I opened the package and squeezed it onto the back of my hand, it was indeed runny, yet looked a lot lighter than the colour of my hand, which for me, meant that it’d probably match the colour of my face better than the other one.

This foundation proved to be quite similar indeed. It was nice to blend, was light on your skin but had enough coverage nonetheless. It stayed throughout the day as well.

The only difference concerned the scent, because it didn’t really smell of anything. It wasn’t the typical makeup scent, so it wasn’t bad, but it didn’t have that freshness or that luxurious scent that the other foundation had. That’s why I’d rate this foundation three out of five stars. 


AQUALIA THERMAL NIGHT SPA – Replenishing anti-fatigue cream gel

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

The last product that I tried was this night cream, that made me very curious when I read what it said, because I didn’t really understand what a cream-gel would look like or, essentially, be.

When I opened it, a very pretty baby blue colour was seen and the cream-gel was much more of a very rich, thick cream than of a gel, which I was happy about, because I’m not a big fan of gellish consistencies.

When I smelled it, it didn’t smell as strongly as the others, although it wasn’t unpleasant. And even when I put it on my face, it didn’t smell very strong and I couldn’t really make out the scent. What I did get though, was very lovely and fresh and expensive. 

When I put it on my face, it was once again incredibly luxurious, which I feel like is a word that describes all these products very well. It felt really comfortable on my skin, and it calmed my skin, which is good, especially when it comes to my skin.

It “worked” a little bit, in the sense that my skin felt fresher and cleaner, but I didn’t see much difference, even after using it a couple of times.

All in all, it was a very nice cream, very rich and pretty and luxurious, but it didn’t really smell of anything and I didn’t really see any result. It did feel very nice on my skin and made me feel cleansed, and because of all this, I would give this product a three-star rating.



And that was all of the VICHY products that I had the opportunity to test. In order of how much I liked them, here are the products once again:

  1. IDEALIA LIFE SERUM – Skin Idealizer Serum All Skin Types Paraben-Free
  2. TEINT IDEAL Illuminating Foundation – Ideal Complexion Revealer (25)
  3. AERATEINT PURE – Cream Foundation Natural Finish 12h (35 Moyen, Sand)
  4. AQUALIA THERMAL NIGHT SPA – Replenishing anti-fatigue cream gel
  5. DERCOS TECHNIQUE NEOGENIC Redensifying Shampoo – with Stemoxydine & pro-densifying technology.

I’ll probably go to my local drugstore or go online to buy the Life Serum, and the foundations because they were amazing and I’d love to use them daily and give them a place in my routine.

Thanks for reading this article. I hope this helped you a little, or at least entertained you for the time being! All the love, x. ❤


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