MINDFULNESS – Hair & Skincare

Now that we have hopefully all gotten into a routine again and we should officially be used to the workload, it is also time to plan in some time for yourself; to relax and to rewind when needed.

For me, I like to have a pampering moment, in which I take care of my skin and my hair and really try to treat it well. Makeupless days, drinking enough water and getting good sleep is incredibly important in this process as well. 🙂

But, because winter is coming, we have to adjust to colder weather and stressful days, I am giving you tips and advice, and also some very good products you can use to keep your skin and hair healthy and beautiful.

‘ Create a nice moment for yourself at least once a day.’



CLAY MASKS [Sensational Sea Algae by Van Der Hoog]


One of my number one skincare obsessions is clay masks, and whenever I have a day to myself and decide to use a facemask, I look for my trusty Sensational Sea Algae by Van Der Hoog. Even though professional clay masks can be expensive, I think it is absolutely worth it, as it cleanses your skin deeply and hydrates as well.

Whenever I have a bad skin day and I can fit a little mask in my schedule, I use a clay mask to treat it a little better. This usually happens to me when I have been wearing makeup a lot, when I’m on my period or when the weather has been hot and clammy. Luckily, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about that last one for a while.


HAIR SERUMS [Loving Blends Serum by Garnier]


My relationship with my hair could be described as a love-hate relationship, as many many other girls experience as well. Sometimes it falls exactly how I like it, and it feels soft, healthy, strong and beautiful – this is usually at night when I’m not going out anymore and no one will see my gorgeous, model-worthy hair anymore – and other days it is weird, frizzy and annoying me to no end – the days that I have a party or an important meeting or something like that. 

Recently though, I discovered the Loving Blends Serum in Honey Gold by Garnier, and it has been my saviour. I shower in the morning, then tie a towel around it while I’m putting on clothes, and when my hair is close to being towel-dry, I massage this into my locks. Since my mother bought me this (thanks for the subtle hint ❤ ) I have been using it almost every single day and it has never looked better. I love this product.


SUN PROTECTION (EXTREME) [Sôleil Ultra Extreme Protection Cream by Lancôme]


Even though it is officially autumn and the trees are letting go of their leaves and stuff, a lot of people make the mistake of thinking the sun is now gone too. Obviously, that is not true, and because my skin sometimes tends to be a little sensitive, I find it incredibly important to have a strong, protective and trusty sun cream that will keep me safe all day long.

I use the extreme protection cream by Lancôme, even though it is pretty expensive, because it is the best protection cream I have ever used. It smells luxurious, it dissolves into your skin quickly and it keeps you protected all day long. This is the sun cream I always reach for and will probably always keep reaching for.


SKIN/MASSAGE OILS [The Argan and Avocado Skin Oil by Etos & The Massage Oil with by Etos]


I once went to some skincare specialist who told me what I needed to think about when buying skincare products, and what was best for my skin. Now, my skin cannot be specified in a certain skincare-type, because it varies month by month and year by year, but I have found a way to determine what my skin needs in certain situations, and this year, my skin has been craving oils.

I have used skin oils and massage oils not only for my face but for my body too. I have massaged my stretch marks with the massage oil and they have visibly lessened in the past ten months or so. Because I am a fool for skincare products and tend to use this one quite often, I couldn’t afford anything too fancy, which is why I chose to buy the Etos Skin Oil and the Etos Massage Oil – Etos is like a Dutch version of Boots. I can recommend using oils for everyone who wants younger looking, stronger and healthier skin.


CREAM (FOR YOUR FACE) [The HydraQuench Cream by Clarins]


I think just a general facial cream is something almost everybody uses daily. Before you go to sleep, for example, or maybe in the morning before you brush your teeth. It doesn’t matter when or where, but having a good facial cream at hand is something I would definitely recommend.

My skin often needs a nice, thick cream to hydrate it, because it tends to go a little dry during exercise or when I’m not drinking enough water. I have plenty of facial creams that aren’t too expensive, and those are the ones I use on a daily basis. But when I really need to treat my skin and give it something extra, I reach for my Clarins HydraQuench Cream. I think the fact that it’s from Clarins says enough about the quality, because it is absolutely amazing.


FACE EXFOLIATOR [The Rituals Brightening Face Exfoliator with Lotus Flower and Moringa Extract]


Now, I have probably mentioned this product in an earlier blog post before, because I’ve been using it for years now and even though I try different brands and kinds of face exfoliators, I come back to this one anytime. A face exfoliator is basically a finer scrub that’s meant for your face, because the skin on your face is thinner and more sensitive than the skin on your body. It is an incredible product to use to clean your face a little better than usual.

On a daily basis, I use a makeup removing tonic twice a day, in the morning and before I go to bed, to get rid of dirt in my pores. But about once a week, I use the Rituals Brightening Face Exfoliator to give my face that extra treat, and to clean it a little better. And I can recommend this to everybody, because it is an amazing product and it really helps your skin to stay hydrated and clean.


MAKEUP REMOVING TONIC [The Tonic from Nivea]


Last but not least, as I just mentioned before, I want to talk about a makeup removing tonic. Even if you don’t wear any makeup, I can recommend buying a makeup removing tonic and using it daily, or at least regularly, as it cleans your face thoroughly and also washes the dirt off your face.

I use a simple, clear tonic from Nivea, as I use this pretty often and go through them like crazy. The tonics from brands like Nivea, Etos and Kruitvat – also a Dutch store – are incredibly cheap and work perfectly. If you want to go a little fancier, I’d recommend tonics from makeup brands themselves, as they often know best what you need to get their makeup off your face.


I want to quickly say that the fact that I spend a lot of money on skincare and beauty products, doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot of money on that too. It is not normal for a girl my age to have this many Lancôme products or Clarins products – I’m not even addressing the other brands I own. I decide to spend this much money on these products, but please don’t feel like you need to do that too. This is a choice I’ve personally made, because I just love it, but if you’re not too crazy about it, don’t spend money like that on products you don’t care for. 

And that is it for today guys. Thanks for reading this blog post and I hope this was a nice rundown of hair & skin care products to use during the colder months. I hope this helped you a bit, or at least entertained you for the time being. All the love, x. ❤


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