Quick & Easy Banana Pancakes with Nutella

Okay, so in the past few days, it’s gotten very cold, and that makes me both happy and sad. Autumn is my favourite season because I think it’s the prettiest of the seasons and I love the temperature in general. And because my schedule leaves some space for posh breakfasts, I decided to create one of my favourite “healthy” snacks: banana pancakes.

It’s a very quick and easy recipe, and everyone can make this. I topped it with some Nutella and powdered sugar, but you can do whatever you want – I just really like the combination of banana and Nutella.


Ingredients (for 4/5 small pancakes)

  1. Two eggs
  2. One large banana
  3. One bag of vanilla sugar
  4. Nutella
  5. Powdered sugar (optional)


The first step is to peel the banana and cut it into small pieces. You need to mash this afterwards, to try to choose a banana that’s a little soft. If it’s not soft at all, I’d recommend massaging it (yes, this actually works) for a few minutes. After you’ve done this, start mashing this up with a fork. A Little warning: this’ll look absolutely disgusting.

Now split the two eggs. Make sure you put the egg whites in a bowl that’s not too small because we’re going to whip this and it’ll increase significantly in size. Put the egg yolks in a normal mixing bowl.

Now add the banana mash to the egg yolks and mix this until the texture is relatively smooth – it doesn’t matter if there are lumps of banana in there. I actually quite enjoy that. 

Now whip the egg whites with a mixer until it’s a white, fluffy mixture that you can create stiff peaks with. Don’t overmix it, because that’ll ruin the consistency. Add the vanilla sugar to the whipped egg whites and fold the total mixture into the egg yolk/banana mash. Keep folding until it’s smooth and looks like a good pancake batter.

And then it’s time to beat! Keep the pan on a low heat and wait until it comes off. Banana pancakes are b*tches and sometimes won’t do what they need to do, so just improvise. Use other kitchen utensils to flip it, and check regularly if it’s starting to burn.

Now the only thing that you need to add to the plate of pancakes is some Nutella and powdered sugar. Bon appetit!

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset


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