A Fresh Start

‘New year, new me.’

A sentence I’ve heard people say countless times in these first stages of the new year. Resolutions, new habits, even a career switch is on the “to-do list” to go through the new year as a totally different person.

I, myself, have said it in past years as well. I was planning on completely changing my routines, on completely changing my study-habits, completely changing my way of going about certain things.

Until this year.

This year, for the first time, I don’t strive to become a different person. I don’t know for sure why I don’t feel the need to go through a complete transformation – that, to be honest, will never last anyway – but I think it’s because I feel pretty content with how things are going for me at this moment.

So, this year, I changed the motto ever so slightly:

‘New year, better me.’

I don’t mean to change my life. I don’t mean to go about life from a whole different angle. What I want to achieve this year, is to perfect those routines. To better those habits.

For one, when I wake up, I usually set my alarm around thirty minutes before I actually need to get out of bed. These thirty minutes are used to check on my Social Media, watch a video on Youtube maybe and respond to a couple of texts. I usually also end up playing a game or two on my phone. However, I feel like this half-hour only adds to the exhaustion and is not giving me an ideal start to the day.

Now, instead of completely throwing away these thirty minutes and setting my alarm at the time that I actually need to get into action, I will turn that half-hour of laziness into just fifteen minutes, which is all I need for that anyway.

Secondly, for example, this is the first year that I will be living on my own completely, and this allows me to do my own groceries as well. So, whereas first I would be tempted by all the sweets and goodies available in my parents’ house, now I can decide for myself what kind of snacks I will tempt myself with.

So, it’s not that I won’t give in to my cravings. My tactic is to not start it. Is to avoid craving something. So, instead of feeding into my needs with cheap cookies – I’m a student budget, thank you very much – I allow myself to splurge on mango pieces to satisfy my cravings.

There are countless other examples, but I think these two have been enough to illustrate the way I want to go about ‘New Year’s Resolutions’ this year.

What I find even more important, however, than having these goals set in stone for the upcoming year, is a sort of reflexive behaviour towards the previous year. 2018 has been an incredible year for me, and to find out what made it that special and what made it so incredible will motivate and help me a lot more than just starting fully with a clean slate.

Small changes can make it better, but realizing what went right or wrong – excluding things that are out of one’s hands, such as death or illness of family members or friends – can improve one’s life greatly. Don’t bother trying to build something from the ground every year, try progressing what you’ve been building your whole life.

Of course, there are also some clear goals I have set. As a competitive rower, I have certain things I want to win, certain split times I would like to achieve. I have outspoken myself on those specific goals towards my family and friends, but will not put them on here just yet, mainly because I have no idea what chances we have as we have not one point of comparison to our competition yet, at least not in the boat.

And then the last things I want to mention. The position of this blog in my life is something that I will have to figure out. Recently, someone told me that when you are doing something, you should be able to explain what value it has, what it adds to your life.

This blog, as I am imagining it currently, will be a place for me to express my creativity. My passion for Anthropology might result in me writing a couple of articles on anthropological subjects. Most people around me know I have always loved writing, so I might even put some short stories on here if I’m proud of them. I would love to share my photography on here, just because it enhances a passion outside of my Instagram account.

So, this year will also be about figuring out what place I’m giving this blog in my life. A creative outlet it the best description of my plans, but reality can sometimes be a lot different from any initial plans, so we’ll have to see.

And for now, that is all I have to share about my ‘New Year’s Resolutions’.

Thanks for reading, and until next time.



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