MINDFULNESS – Hair & Skincare

Now that we have hopefully all gotten into a routine again and we should officially be used to the workload, it is also time to plan in some time for yourself; to relax and to rewind when needed. 

For me, I like to have a pampering moment, in which I take care of my skin and my hair and really try to treat it well. Makeupless days, drinking enough water and getting good sleep is incredibly important in this process as well. 🙂 

But, because winter is coming, we have to adjust to colder weather and stressful days, I am giving you tips and advice, and also some very good products you can use to keep your skin and hair healthy and beautiful. 

‘ Create a nice moment for yourself at least once a day.’

FLAT LAY TUTORIAL – Making it Simple and Sophisticated

It has only been a few months since I started doing weekly posts and started really working on my blog posts, and I think the hours I started spending taking pictures, writing and creating really paid off – both seen in my stats and the quality of the blog posts themselves. Now, as you can imagine, when you start being so focused on something that’s important to you, every single detail will catch your eye and every single picture needs to be perfect. 

Now, as you can imagine, when you start being so focused on something that’s important to you, every single detail will catch your eye and every single picture needs to be perfect. And that is exactly why I made progress; because I looked for inspiration, created the pictures and posts myself, started being more original and put my hours into everything that concerns writing a blog. 

Now, something that I do pretty often and absolutely love to do, is creating flat lays. And even though I have to be honest in saying I am pretty proud of most of them, I was surprised when people started messaging me and started to ask me in person: how I made my flat lays. 

And because I had been thinking about doing a blog post in this direction anyway, this was the perfect opportunity for me to explain how to make creative, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing flat lays yourself. 🙂 And that’s exactly what I’m going to do…

HOTSPOTS IN LONDON – And Not Just The Cliches

So, as some of you might know – if you follow me on Instagram 🙂 – you’ll know I went to London with three of my friends this summer! And I have to say, the trip was incredible. I had never been to the UK before, and London surprised me in many, many ways. ❤

Of course, as I am a blogger and my friends are weirdos too (yes you are don't deny it 😉 ) we obviously went sight-seeing but went to some more unique and less famous places as well. And because it'd be a shame to not visit these spots if you're visiting London, I wanted to share them with you.

So here are some hotspots in London that you'll definitely have to visit when you're nearby!

GETTING THINGS DONE – How To Be Productive

So, even for me, school has now officially begun, and sadly I’m writing this late at night, with the curtains drawn in my dining room, after having attempted to do my physics homework for about an hour. 😦 But, obviously, I am already being productive, which I’m proud of 🙂 . So, that’s why I’ll be breaking down multiple “steps” to productivity:

Want to be productive? Well, here’s how:

ROOM ORGANISATION – Getting Ready For School & Work

So, obviously for most people school has started again and we have to work our bottoms off once more. Homework or working at home can be demanding and tiring, so it’s essential to have a workspace in which it’s easy to be productive and get stuff done. That’s why this blog post is going to show you easy tips and tricks to make your room or office ready for this workload, and how to style it in a way you can enjoy being productive. 🙂

My main ‘problem area’ in my room is my desk, because even though I tidy and style it every single week – well, I try to 😉 – it gets messy pretty quickly. Last year, however, I found myself wandering stores and going through magazines looking for solutions, and in that process, I came up with some ideas that really helped me.

So, I’m going to walk you through styling tips and tricks, that can make your room more beautiful and more practical, within three categories:

Little Extra’s

BASIC MAKEUP EDUCATION – Everything You Need To Know w// Isabel Bannenberg

So, for some people, school has started again, and for those of you who are sitting at their desks having a break from homework and studying; I hope this is just the break you need. For me, with the return of school – homework, tests and being in public 24/7 – the makeup-free days have ended. Not because I’m self-conscious without makeup, but because I like to have that little extra in my routine.

Maybe there are some freshmen amongst you, who want to know how to do their makeup for their first day. Maybe you’re a senior who’s planning on doing a little more effort look-wise this year. Maybe you’re an elder lady who wants to know what makeup nowadays looks like. Whoever you are, wherever you are and for whatever reason you’re reading this, I’m going to break down the basics of makeup, step-by-step. 

But, because doing your own makeup and taking pictures of yourself all at the same time is a little harder than you’d think, my lovely friend Isabel Bannenberg offered to help – well, I texted her saying I needed to use her face for a blog post and forced her to come to my house. 🙂 And she gladly agreed, may I add.

So, without further ado: let’s get into this!