FLAT LAY TUTORIAL – Making it Simple and Sophisticated

It has only been a few months since I started doing weekly posts and started really working on my blog posts, and I think the hours I started spending taking pictures, writing and creating really paid off – both seen in my stats and the quality of the blog posts themselves. Now, as you can imagine, when you start being so focused on something that’s important to you, every single detail will catch your eye and every single picture needs to be perfect. 

Now, as you can imagine, when you start being so focused on something that’s important to you, every single detail will catch your eye and every single picture needs to be perfect. And that is exactly why I made progress; because I looked for inspiration, created the pictures and posts myself, started being more original and put my hours into everything that concerns writing a blog. 

Now, something that I do pretty often and absolutely love to do, is creating flat lays. And even though I have to be honest in saying I am pretty proud of most of them, I was surprised when people started messaging me and started to ask me in person: how I made my flat lays. 

And because I had been thinking about doing a blog post in this direction anyway, this was the perfect opportunity for me to explain how to make creative, beautiful and aesthetically pleasing flat lays yourself. 🙂 And that’s exactly what I’m going to do…


GETTING THINGS DONE – How To Be Productive

So, even for me, school has now officially begun, and sadly I’m writing this late at night, with the curtains drawn in my dining room, after having attempted to do my physics homework for about an hour. 😦 But, obviously, I am already being productive, which I’m proud of 🙂 . So, that’s why I’ll be breaking down multiple “steps” to productivity:

Want to be productive? Well, here’s how:

ROOM ORGANISATION – Getting Ready For School & Work

So, obviously for most people school has started again and we have to work our bottoms off once more. Homework or working at home can be demanding and tiring, so it’s essential to have a workspace in which it’s easy to be productive and get stuff done. That’s why this blog post is going to show you easy tips and tricks to make your room or office ready for this workload, and how to style it in a way you can enjoy being productive. 🙂

My main ‘problem area’ in my room is my desk, because even though I tidy and style it every single week – well, I try to 😉 – it gets messy pretty quickly. Last year, however, I found myself wandering stores and going through magazines looking for solutions, and in that process, I came up with some ideas that really helped me.

So, I’m going to walk you through styling tips and tricks, that can make your room more beautiful and more practical, within three categories:

Little Extra’s

BOREDOM TAKES OVER – What To Do When You’re Bored

Of course, with so much time to spare in which we have to entertain ourselves, boredom seems to be inevitable. But, there are certain things you can do to kill time and overcome that boredom. And because I’m a nice person 😉 and I don’t want to leave you in that boredom, I am kindly listing some things you can do during those moments.

SUITCASE PACKING: Mastering an Annual Chore

When you go home from a party at 5 in the morning, the sun is already rising. The chirping of birds and the laughter of children wakes you up. The sun welcomes you and wishes you a good day when you sit down on your lounge chair in the garden. The tan you’ve been trying to achieve is starting to show, and the idea that school and work are (almost) done, for now, puts a cheeky smile on your face. Yes, you have guessed right:


The fact that I have no more school books in my room and the fact that I only have one class left to say goodbye to everyone in my class and have a little speech from my mentor marks a new part of 2017 for me. And that feeling of freedom and happiness and hot days and cold drinks also lets me know that something else is getting closer with every day that passes: holiday.

With holiday comes another “issue” however. Some people enjoy it, some people despise it. I’m talking about suitcase packing. Some people find it very stressful to do, some of us tend to overpack – like, uhhh, me? – and others just put it off for so long they have to hurry in the end and get anxious about it. But no worries! For the ones of you that have decided to reference the internet, I am here to give you a step-by-step description on how to pack your suitcase efficiently and quickly. Also, I’m trying to make it a little bit more fun 😉 and there is a little list of tips and tricks and hacks to make suitcase packing even easier.

Winding Down

Everybody needs a moment to just relax a little bit, and for me going to beautiful places and doing what I love is the perfect way to do so. My friend and I like to do shoots, including makeup, different outfits and different locations. So, during our Christmas break, we decided to do another one of these, and it has honestly become one of my favourite shoots we’ve ever done together.