BASIC MAKEUP EDUCATION – Everything You Need To Know w// Isabel Bannenberg

So, for some people, school has started again, and for those of you who are sitting at their desks having a break from homework and studying; I hope this is just the break you need. For me, with the return of school – homework, tests and being in public 24/7 – the makeup-free days have ended. Not because I’m self-conscious without makeup, but because I like to have that little extra in my routine.

Maybe there are some freshmen amongst you, who want to know how to do their makeup for their first day. Maybe you’re a senior who’s planning on doing a little more effort look-wise this year. Maybe you’re an elder lady who wants to know what makeup nowadays looks like. Whoever you are, wherever you are and for whatever reason you’re reading this, I’m going to break down the basics of makeup, step-by-step. 

But, because doing your own makeup and taking pictures of yourself all at the same time is a little harder than you’d think, my lovely friend Isabel Bannenberg offered to help – well, I texted her saying I needed to use her face for a blog post and forced her to come to my house. 🙂 And she gladly agreed, may I add.

So, without further ado: let’s get into this!