GETTING THINGS DONE – How To Be Productive

So, even for me, school has now officially begun, and sadly I’m writing this late at night, with the curtains drawn in my dining room, after having attempted to do my physics homework for about an hour. 😦 But, obviously, I am already being productive, which I’m proud of 🙂 . So, that’s why I’ll be breaking down multiple “steps” to productivity:

Want to be productive? Well, here’s how:


VICHY PRODUCT REVIEW- Five VICHY Products Put to the Test

As you might all know, I am a fool for beauty products and I love trying new things and experimenting with new ideas, techniques and products. So, I was more than happy when I received a Silver-Greyish VICHY Bag, filled with testers, for me to try. And, as I tend to write most of my posts in the Lifestyle category, this was the perfect opportunity for me to do something in Beauty again.

This is the reason, why today, I am reviewing these testers for you, so you can try them out too, and maybe find a new potential daily-routine candidate, that you might even start using every single day. 🙂


If you’ve ever read one of my blog posts before, or you’ve actually met me in real life and have had the pleasure and the curse of spending time around me – sorry family and friends 🙂 – you’ll probably know I am a big fan of summer, and my blog posts are of course taking advantage of that – well, I’m taking advantage of that “obsession” with my blog posts, but whatever.

Something that is really important during these hot days and sweaty moments (it’s rainy and disgusting right now, but anyway, moving on…) is to stay hydrated. And this summer, I actually invented by own beverage to help me do that, in the most delicious way possible.

And because I don’t want to keep such a delicious, summery, Instagram-ready, Twitter-worthy and refreshing recipe all to myself, I am kindly sharing this with you today 😉 .